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Co-host Drone Data Workshops

Workshop Outliine

Data from Drones has a potential to impact social development and humanitarian action. Caerobotics and India Flying Labs bring to its stakeholders a custom-made workshop that fits the community needs and the projects. Conducted by reputed and experienced facilitators, these workshops integrate technology, design thinking, community engagement, ethics and sustainable execution models to the participants. 

Areas of Application:

  • Disasters - Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Reconstruction/ Rehabilitation 
  • Healthcare Cargo Delivery
  • Healthcare Prevention
  • Agriculture
  • Digital Land Records
  • Forest Conservation
  • Marine Biodiversity
  • River Mapping and Water Resources
  • Youth Empowerment

Duration: 2 to 7 days

Content Framework:  

  1. Introduction to drones and drone data tools
  2. Drone demonstration flights
  3. Simulations
  4. Hands-on workshops with data and AI tools
  5. Code of Conduct, Guidelines, SOPs
  6. Team Building 
  7. Project Execution

Participant Profiles: Most of these workshop are multi-stakeholder groups, with or without any prior experience with drones or data. Open or closed workshop, as desired by the project.

Class Size: 15-20


  • High speed internet
  • Participants bring their own laptops or the client provides their computer lab
  • 1-2 sqkm open area in a green zone
  • Relevant flying permissions either from DGCA's Digital Sky Platform or the District Magistrate


  • Workshop Facilitation Fees
  • Travel and Stay of facilitators
  • Venue and meals

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