Project Wings

Making STEM Education Fun with Drones

Project Wings is aimed at making learning science fun by introducing students to unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in a safe, controlled, experiential learning environment. Drones are a fun way of inspiring students to learn about emerging technologies and aspire for a career in STEM. We make learning drones easy by giving them early hands-on practices in not just controlling the drones, but also programming drones.

We provide simulation exercises for flying drones in social good missions such as disasters, conservation, research, healthcare and development. We teach them about principles such as Safety First, Community Engagement and Human-centered Missions to instill values of safe, ethical and responsible drone flying. We believe student who learn these applications early, will be more likely to use technologies for applications that make the world a better place. 

Key Features

* Give students confidence to take up STEM related fields

* Give students an Immersive Edutainment Experience! * Experiential Learning in a safe environment where it's OK to fail 

* Simulation of actual drone applications solving real life challenges

* Awareness and practice of safety protocols and regulations

* Encourage diversity in STEM

School Level Programs


Drone Inspiration Day

Students learn about drones in a day! They learn about what drones are, learn how to control them and code them using basic block coding. They learn about manual flights, autonomous flights, safety protocols and engage in games, competitions and real life challenges. An exclusive batch for Teachers ensures they get hands on practice in drones and techniques to integrate drones in their STEM curriculum. 


Drone Design Thinking

It's not enough to learn how to fly and code drones. We need to inspire students to think about real life challenges that can be solved using emerging technologies. In this workshop, students learn about ideation, human centered design thinking and problem solving - developing a demonstrable prototype and testing their idea.



Students learn about designing and assembling their own drones using simple tools. Students learn about rapid prototyping and designing and get their prototype drone flying using advanced coding techniques. This is especially for students who have a keen desire to build their own drones. This helps them get a hands-on experience in aeromodeling, electronics, and coding.

Become Advanced Drone Professionals


Licensed Drone Pilots Training

We work with our International partners to provide Licensed Drone Pilot Training to our future pilots. To encourage more women in drones, we will be running exclusive Women Drone Pilots Courses. Similar workshops will be launched for promoting drone education in specific groups such as youth from villages, nurses, fire fighters and rescue volunteers.


Drone Data Professional Workshop

Learn to use various drone data analysis tools and use drones for building maps, 3D models, study terrains, create digital land boundaries and even use AI tools with drone images for assessing damage after disasters. 


Drone Mission Manager Training

Learn the nuances of managing a drone mission - including planning, executing, reporting, communicating, commanding, controlling and team building. Lead the drone missions ethically, safely and responsibly guided by Humanitarian UAV Code of Conduct and global best practices. 

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