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Make STEM Education Fun with Drones

 We are enabling the next generation to work with Emerging technologies. We are working with SheMaps and WeRobotics to bring drones to schools and make STEM Education fun, easy and engaging. We use immersive, hands-on exercises and real-life simulation assignments to use drones safely, responsibly and ethically.    


Build a local community of Drone First Responders

We support India Flying Labs' UAV Rapid Response Task Force and are building local teams in almost all vulnerable zones that will be ready to use drones safely, ethically and responsibly. These multi-disciplinary teams will operate under standard guidelines built on Humanitarian UAV Code of Conduct, local laws and policies and regional disaster response strategies. 


Apply Design Thinking for Social Innovations

Designing Technologies for Social Impact involves deeper understanding of topics that demand empathy and a deep understanding of community needs. In collaboration with our partners and supporters, we design and develop advanced curriculum that is delivered by experienced international faculty through carefully designed training programs. 

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