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Dr Ruchi Saxena, Director

Dr Ruchi Saxena is dedicated to bringing technologies to the people who need them the most.
Over the last 15 years of her career, she has been a consultant and trainer for several key projects in healthcare quality, safety, disaster risk reduction, healthcare technologies and unmanned aerial robotics in healthcare. She integrates her knowledge of systems design, lean six sigma and human centered design to create streamlined processes and interconnected efficient healthcare systems. The vision is to make a system-based healthcare that is better, simpler, safer, accessible, accountable, pleasurable and profitable for both the families as well as providers globally.
She works on high-impact healthcare and disaster risk reduction projects that deliver value to millions of people through development and improvement of core systems and processes, improving healthcare accessibility and curability through futuristic innovations and seamless communication technologies and designing the service architecture that assures high-quality outcomes.
She is the Founder-Director of Caerobotics Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and Director of India Flying Labs.
She is currently actively engaged in creating an ecosystem for utilization of emerging technologies such as unmanned robotics in healthcare and disaster management in India, Nepal and other countries in the region in partnership with several like-minded organisations. 

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