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Our Partners


Power of Local

 WeRobotics' mission is to shift power from the global back to the local by ensuring that local experts with local knowledge and lived experience have the leadership opportunities they seek to implement technology for good projects themselves. This inclusion is key to accelerating the positive impact of aid, health, development and environmental efforts.

Local solutions = equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion = answers to growing challenges


Collaborate for Good


The Flying Labs network builds on local expertise for local solutions. India Flying Labs is the India Chapter of the global Flying Labs network ( currently active in 26 countries. We are an open collaborative network of individuals and organisations keen on integrating emerging technologies - especially drones and drone-based data for social good applications.  

Local solutions = equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion = answers to growing challenges.  


International Development Experts

 Global Futures Network is a non-profit organisation based in New York, United States of America dedicated to making the world a better place, be it ending poverty in all forms everywhere, developing sustainable harvesting of rainwater or educating children. They thrive to make developing countries to have access to basic necessities as well as to help them to make progress in technology. 


India's 1st Medical Drone Service

 “Redwing Labs” a company backed by techstars and registered as Kitemaps AMS Pvt. Ltd is engaged in the business of a data-analytics and aerial robotics. The Company is engaged in designing and manufacturing of autonomous unmanned drones and operating systems to be used for various purposes like payload delivery (load bearer drones), long range flight and surveillance & Aerial Mapping. 


India's Best Conservation Technologists

Technology For Wildlife are a geospatial data consultancy specialising in wilderness, biodiversity, environmental, and heritage conservation. They help organisations understand, access and deploy modern technology to amplify their conservation impact.


India's 1st Drone Manufacturers

 ideaForge is a design focussed UAV manufacturer developing drone solutions for a variety of applications. ideaForge drones are generations ahead of other OEMs in terms of endurance and range. Built on a strong foundation of inter-disciplinary engineering, ideaForge delivers high-performance, safe and autonomous unmanned systems for enhancing productivity and security for our customers. 


Collaborative Drone Data Platform

 Indshine is a technology company that provides enterprise drone software and solutions for infrastructure, mining, forestry and other industries. Inshine platform helps to visualize, analyze, build actionable insights, collaborate and share drone data with clients.


Robotics on Waves

 Sagar Defence Engineeringlaunched the first Unmanned Marine Surface Vehicle called ‘Auto Nav’ for Indian armed force which has been successfully inducted in therein. Sagar Defence aims to provide new innovations and complete Unmanned Marine Vehicles solutions in Commercial, Defence and Scientific sector. Their rugged unmanned marine vehicle systems can be used not just by the military for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) but also to study radiation levels in nuclear power plants and thermal power and to test out submerged structures, among other things.


Revolutionizing Air Travel

 Passenger Drone Research Pvt. Ltd. (PDRL), is a technology company which is into development of Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV), popularly referred as Air Taxi. 'Pravaas'​, the aerial vehicle will carry passenger(s) autonomously point-to-point (P2P). PDRL is driven by the vision "To make the world congestion & pollution free."​ In order to do so, we have a mission “To develop an absolutely safe & eco-friendly aerial vehicle based on Drone technologies.” 


Building Capabilities

 JungleWorks is the parent company behind the suite of products that powers the need of on-demand set-up. The company’s suite of products is designed to make operation smoother for entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to provide an omnichannel experience to their customers. Their mission is to engineer and maximize mobile ROI. Their latest product is their drone Tida, which is all set to deliver supplies globally. 


Professional Sureyors

ICON Cadsoft and Surveyors is a professional land surveying firm specializing in surveying & mapping of infrastructure, residential, industrial projects & layout services.  In addition to plotting of CAD drawings, the activities of the company was extended to Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) services, Digital Topographical Survey Works, As-Built Survey with Documents Preparation, Fire Escape Layout Plans, Display Signages, and now handling Drone based Arial Survey and 360° Panorama Capturing.


Drone Education for All

HRTech24 is introducing employment oriented programs for drone pilots in India in partnership with leading universities and colleges.