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Power of Local

Learn about Why Flying Labs believe in Power of Local.

India Flying Labs

India Flying Labs is a robotic innovation hub that catalyzes social good with equity and inclusion.

India Flying Labs is the India Chapter of the global Flying Labs network currently active in 26 countries. We are an open collaborative network of individuals and organisations keen on integrating emerging technologies – especially drones and drone-based data for social good applications. Our focus areas are disasters, environment, agriculture, healthcare, development and promotion of STEM education at schools using robotics. We encourage local leaders and empower them with technology and knowledge transfer so that they are better equipped to solve their own local challenges. 

We promote local innovations and help them scale up by creating and sharing opportunities with them. We crowdsource and leverage each other’s knowledge, experience and talent to work on large scale projects related to conservation – such as tracking water potential, mapping rivers and monitoring habitat. We have been an active part of consultative meetings around policies and ethical guidelines. We hope to bridge the gap between communities and technologies by ensuring that the benefits of science and emerging technologies are available where they are needed the most.


India Flying Labs: Local Labs to scale-up 'Power of Local

Affiliate Labs for India Flying Labs

India Flying Labs is all set to enter its second year of operation. Last 1 year has been extremely crucial in setting the stage for a nation-wide collaboration for sharing knowledge and technology to build the ecosystem for drones for social good. 

In the second year, we are in line with WeRobotics' mission to 'Double the Power of Local'.

As we have always insisted, for India, challenges are huge and for us 'local' means 'hyperlocal'. As we traveled the length and breadth of our country, meeting, teaching, working and bringing together diverse teams, we realised we need more focused action hubs that understand the micro-level issues and are able to work at the grass-root level to impact development at grassroot level. 


These Affiliate Flying Labs will be led by local experts or organisations that are well connected in the community and are capable of leading local projects, supported by India Flying Labs and WeRobotics in association with their technology, funding and network partners. The benefits received by India Flying Labs will be shared with the Impact Hubs.

Affiliate Flying Labs would have the opportunity to take up similar projects:

1. Working with local students and helping schools co-organise Robotics Workshops for students

2. Working with local farmers and helping them use drones for studying health of their crops

3. Working with local government for using drones and data for various development projects

4. Working with local disaster teams for disaster management planning, rescue and recovery projects

5. Working with local conservationists and groups for conservation projects

Affiliate Flying Labs expected to be self-sustainable and will be free to leverage Flying Labs brand to seek new projects and will be committed to work within Flying Labs framework to effectively implement processes, systems and standards. 

Caerobotics is committed to scale-up and strengthen India Flying Labs and establish ethical and safe drone operations in India that are based on sound principles and internationally accepted humanitarian guidelines that respect cultural sensitivities and encourages local leadership.


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Affiliate Flying Labs

Affiliate Flying Labs


Do you have an innovation that can be used by Flying Labs? Do write to us at with details about the product/s and your company and suggest how we can partner with you to scale it up.

Affiliate Flying Labs

Affiliate Flying Labs

Affiliate Flying Labs


 Do you see yourself leading Flying Labs in your local community in India? Please send us a formal application and we would be glad to support you in the process. Do write to us at about your interest.

India Flying Labs Affiliate Program

Be a part of India Flying Labs and get connected to the global network of Flying Labs currently in 25+ countries! If you are confident about your leadership skills to shoulder the responsibilities of applying robotics for social good, we welcome you to learn about what India Flying Labs Affiliate Program is all about in this short comprehensive introduction to our systems and processes and apply. 

Please feel free to reach out to us at

India Flying Labs Affiliate Progam (pdf)