Drones for COVID-19 Impact Report

We are working on 'Drones for COVID-19 Impact Report' that will be published by Caerobotics and India Flying Labs as an unbiased observation about the work done by various drone professionals, volunteer groups and drone start-ups for COVID-19 response. The aim of this report is to share the work done so far, identify challenges, establish guidelines, recognize the best practices and pave a way forward for the drone industry as well as government in utilizing drone technology for social good applications. 

This report or the data you share will be solely used for advancement of knowledge and establish industry standards. The report will not be sold and hence there are no commercials attached to this study. This report is not funded or sponsored by any organization, hence it will not be used to endorse any specific business or institution. The report will be openly shared with public at large. We have no other way of verifying the information that you provide and we trust you to be authentic and honest while contributing to this study. 

Everything that you share in this study will be accessible to Dr. Ruchi Saxena only. You may choose to participate in this study anonymously, or you may allow us to share your credentials in 'Acknowledgment'. Nevertheless, we will be a presenting to you with a 'Certificate of Appreciation' for the work done by you and your team and for helping us in a good cause when we publish this report. 

We need your support and cooperation in advancing the applications of futuristic technologies for the benefit of communities globally.

Thank you very much for being a part of this endeavour!

Warm Regards,

Dr Ruchi Saxena,

Director, Caerobotics.


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