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We are empaneling consultants, technical experts and knowledge partners. Below is a comprehensive list of experts that we need for our workshops  projects. This list is however not exhaustive and we welcome you to share your resume or company profile or product description with us and tell us how we can work together. 

Empanelment of Consultants

Human Centered Design Experts

Trained in Human Centered Design and having experience in designing and implementing social good projects.

Quality and Safety Experts

Trained and experienced in designing systems for quality, safety, risk reduction and process excellence.

Aeronautical Engineers

Training and Experience in aeromodeling, design and manufacturing of unmanned aerial systems.

Development Experts

Experienced sustainable development and international development experts.

Geomatics and GIS Experts

Training and experts in analyzing and building meaningful insights from georeferenced data.

Content Experts

Experienced in creating engaging knowledge content.

Drone Pilots

Registered and Licensed Drone Pilots with project experience.

Drone Data Analysts

Trained and experienced in preparing and analyzing large volumes of drone data. .

AI and Blockchain Experts

Trained and experienced in developing AI and Blockchain based applications

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